Paper boxes production process

paper box production process

First, the paper container processing Paper container is a container of cardboard used for packaging of goods, such as cartons, cups and other level. Quality evaluation stag vessels, not only evaluation of the quality of the printing, but also the evaluation and processing of container shapes simplified.    Paper container manufacturing process: Engraving and Printing → surface machining → cutting, creasing → system box.    1. Material    Generally used in printing works well, for the package of goods made cheap material, there is the use of yellow paperboard, kraft paper, cardboard, white paper as a substrate material, demanding, copperplate may laminating line on these and other fine materials paper, printing inks have chosen light, abrasion resistance, oil resistance, according to pharmaceutical packaging items, non-toxic inks.    2. Engraving and Printing    Using letterpress, offset, gravure, flexo printing. Now based in lithography, letterpress printing can be printed effects, bright colors, shiny good product, but the plate-making process cumbersome, not as good as lithographic printing simple. Dusting during printing, to prevent the back of the offset.    3. Surface Processing    According to need can be coated polyethylene, pasted surface film, foil, wax and pressure, embossing and other technology, but not all products go through surface processing.   4. die (die cutting), indentation (creasing)    (1) the die plate    Die-plate better approach is to use plywood die plates. First grade pattern transferred to the plywood box with a wire saw along the tangent and line kerf, then die-cut and crease lines embedded plywood knife, made of die-version, it has a light version, accurate dimensions, etc. can be saved advantages.    Also useful for computer-controlled, laser die cutting system version, the carton size, shape, weight cardboard entered into the computer, and then by the computer controlled laser moving, carve all tangent polyline carton on plywood, and finally embedded knife line.    The process is as follows: draw level boxes comp image → Draw imposition did not copy the chart → → make-up make-up design drawings transferred to the plywood and sawn seam drilling → → → production of die welt female template.    ① draw tray comp image    Drawing black and white draft knife tray line graph, there is an exact size of each box, requiring very precise lines, as shown in Figure 8-31.      ② make-up design drawing    A carton tray comp image maximum paper size and printable, carried imposition design, make-up design should consider saving paper and easy to die automatically cleared after the waste side. Imposition Imposition by design draw design.    ③ Copy the imposition design    Copy the two make-up design, a system for printing plates, one for die-plate making, to ensure consistency, when you die accurately register.    ④ make-up design is transferred to the available hand-painted on plywood or photocopying. Hand-painted to ensure highly accurate.    ⑤ drilling and kerf    There are special saws sewing machine is moved up and down a wire saw. In the two core box   Figure 8-31 Tray comp image Connected at the drilling, threading easy to saw, sawing along the tangent and polylines. The thickness of the wire saw blade should be crease line and the thickness of the line cutting knife to adapt.    ⑥ welt    Ray machine with a guillotine, bending line, punching machines and other machinery according to box-shaped knife rolled off the line, bend round or bent at various angles.    Crosscut knife line height is 23.8 mm and a thickness of 0.7 mm, embedded die line die-on must be highly consistent. Crease height and thickness of the line depends on the thickness of the blade of the paper. Crease line height knife cutting knife line height minus thickness of paper can be.    After knife wire embedded in both sides want to paste foam rubber to paperboard from the die-pop up, as shown in 8-32.    ⑦ make die-yin template    Yin template is to get a good seam, good insulation paper posted in steel, into the machine, place carbon paper, then cover a layer of cardboard, start the machine press down to get the indentation, the indentation in the crease line out slot.    (2) die cutting creasing machine    Cutting indentation machine (die-cutting machine) is generally flat compression, automatic paper feeding, automatic cutting, automatic collection of paper, the general speed 1800-3600 sheets / hour. Foreign die with electronic control devices, speed 8500 /   Figure 8-32 Inserting a schematic When, and can automatically remove the waste side.    Die-indentation machines generally used except for die-cutting, but also for cold embossing, stamping aluminum and flat irregularities telephone hot irregularities.   5. The system box    Box making machine made by folding carton shape for the next step to use.    Corrugated boxes generally used flexographic printing, at the same time pressure lines, gluing or with wire set, made in the shape of a box, generally planar fold rotation, pull into a box shape when in use.