Wood products production process

1, preparation 2, 3 machining, assembly 4, 5 sanding, painting 6 Packing

First, the ingredients

The traditional method of wood products ingredients typically consists of the following processes: the choice of materials, cut long, planing, longitudinal sectional, flat plane, puzzle, kit, planing, moulders and so on. With the advent of new processing equipment, the above process has been simplified accordingly, but the basic principle will not change. Ingredients generally required to following machines: feed off saws, planing, cutting and sawing, flat plane, milling, puzzle machine, band saw, moulders and so on.

Quality control in the blending process is also very important, the quality of the ingredients of control points are: the quality of the material (burr, tearing, depression, indentation, wormholes, decay, deformation, knots, etc.), moisture content, size, ratio and quality marks, plastic puzzle, the puzzle pressure, pressing time, method and amount of glue, size and direction of the wood grain, nail holding power and smoothness of the plate.

Second, wood hate processing

Wood hate modern wood products production process with Chinese traditional furniture (including the Ming and Qing furniture) production process is somewhat different, but also in strict accordance with drawings, to ensure accuracy in the range of tolerances allowed. Wood hate each sub-process is the product of processing wool into a drawing from a desired size and shape of a process. The focus should be noted that manufacturing processes are punching, machining Milling, cutting bevel, trenching bits, etc., it is necessary to ensure accuracy, so as to ensure accuracy in the assembling process of assembling the allowable error range.

   Types of machines used in the processing of wood hate more, the new device is endless, but no matter how advanced machinery and equipment, are inseparable from the basic five categories: cut sawing, drilling class, engraving and milling, sanding class and auxiliary class ʱ?? Often specific equipment: various Saw (monolithic saw, double sawing, precision 45-degree cut, band saw, wire saw, etc.), drilling (variety: bench drill, drilling, a drilling group, vertical and horizontal dual-use drilling, pneumatic drills, etc.), various milling and routing machines, all kinds of sanding tools and machinery. In addition, many new automatic computer-controlled machines to manufacture wood products of modern technology has brought changes in varying degrees.

   Important This aspect of quality control to ensure that the following three main areas: size, shape, wood quality, the detailed quality requirements this will not elaborate. In addition, a lot of sanding sanding process needs time and space. Polished particular note is allowed to have stripes and circle pattern of sanding marks.

Third, the group loaded

   Assembly process is to ensure modern wood product quality of key processes, due to the large volume of some products, and the whole assembly heavier weight, so in the assembly process for the use of tools, assembling units, personnel, etc. There are equipped with Chinese traditional furniture is big difference. To ensure the accuracy and proficiency of the assembly operation, each assembly line should be a reasonable arrangement, the basic process is to install the framework rearm details, installed and then trimmed to the unreasonable.

Fourth, sand mill

   All products must be sanded smooth before painting, sanding, sanding is a great deal of time and space processes need. Polished particular attention to two points: First, not allowed to have stripes and circle pattern of sand marks; second, all products should remain intact corners, rounded edges rounded to remain present some arc. Sanding and painting is a cycle.

 Fifth, spray paint

Modern painting wood products mainly through American painting. American painting is suitable for use in Europe and America and popular paint coating of furniture, including the general nature of American painting, old white paint, double-layer coating, rustic-style painting. Its coating process include the following: a substrate pre-treatment (including the destruction process), material adjustments, the overall coloring, fillers, solid plastic primer, breathing, Margulies colorants, repair colorant, the second time at the end paint, paint, polishing, waxing and other technology.

   American painting process based on the above requirements, the paint line used must also be corresponding, currently the biggest of which is to pan coating paint line. A full range of coating process is as follows: the destruction process (beat, worm holes, trenches, filing edges, etc.), soot blowing, and other processing, spray ground, sealers, drying, grinding, wiping color, Lamin dark, dry, the first primer, drying, grinding, and spray, dry brush, the second primer, sanding, dry brush repair color, dried, the first coat, drying, grinding, dust paint, trim, the second surface paint dry, off the assembly line.

   Woodwork painting quality control is the hardest wood products manufacturing is the most problematic, want to do the coating quality control, we must have enough practical experience.

VI, packaging

   The overall assembly line down from paint products, this link must be taken to protect the product, it will easily cause scratches and bumps; the way the whole package must take into account the safety of the product during transport, the product according to customer requirements outside the box ready Marks.

   In short, to master modern wood products production process is the need to participate more in the actual production process and learn more about the structure and method for coating wood products, accumulate more experience, in order to truly understand the modern wood products, while strengthening the process of production quality control in order to truly exquisite woodwork to do.