Woodwork Maintenance of common sense

First, the wood products can not be placed solar direct exposure to the place, because the inside of the timber after exposure to moisture loss, it will cause wood crafts cracking phenomenon.

Second, the wood products can not ventilated place for a long time, the reason is to keep up with a same phenomenon can also cause cracking.

Third, wood products can not be placed too damp places, so not only will the woodwork deformed, but can also cause long-haired mildew. The same can not be placed in wooden crafts too dry interior. There will be too dry cracking phenomenon, but also pay attention to is not directly in front of air conditioning vents blowing, it can not be placed near the heating pipes.

Fourth, the wood products should not be prolonged in a fire, heat kang, stoves place, the reason is to speak with the above is the same.

Fifth, the wood products is best not to wipe with a towel with water, the reason is because too wet wipe make wood products, the correct approach is to use a damp cloth with a dry cloth or feather duster to wipe off the dust wooden crafts.

Sixth, the use of wood products in the degree of its luster If not, you can use polishing wax coated in special brush above were polishing treatment, after treatment can be used for polishing rag. If the house is not the polish, then you can also use waxy or oily towel, or select some oil poured on top of the cloth and then wipe, you can achieve the desired results.