Wooden box is a commonly used circulation containers

Wooden box is commonly used in the circulation of a packaging container, an amount second only to corrugated boxes. There are wooden boxes wooden box crate, to frame three. Wooden box its ancient thick texture, is often used in various types of high-end consumer goods packaging, such as: food gift boxes, wine boxes, health care products, precious commodities. Wooden frame is made of wood a certain section of the article constitute the skeleton of the box, if necessary, can also be applied outside the framework of wood covered. Such frameworks box has two forms, without board cover called open rack, there are wood-covered box called a cover frame. To frame due to strong skeletal structure, it has good anti-seismic and torque, greater pressure resistance, and its loading capacity. To protect the internal goods free of the collision, often accompanied by paper, sponge, foam lined packaging Muhe category. Due to the selection, fine workmanship and parts, but also makes wooden box cost more than other forms of packaging. Since the price of your logs in order to save costs, MDF (medium density fiberboard) as an alternative, cost savings while gaining as much quality wood products. All types of wood have unique grain structure like the white and red Woods surface in the form of oak, ash, walnut having open pores is to provide a unique texture quality like wooden cupboard or a wooden table a few pieces of furniture.