Wooden box coverage and morphology

Drawn mahogany, red sandalwood, rosewood, oak, cherry, walnut, beech, pine, paulownia wood, neem wood, poplar, fir, birch and so form wooden box in the shape also varied: whether square, triangle, diamond, round or irregular in shape, as long as the design that it almost can do it. Varieties have heaven and earth covered, flip, draw board. In the process to combine tradition and modernity, we are: traditional buckle Falcon, rectangular stitching, 45-degree angle mosaic, silver mosaic, needle carved boxwood inlay, copper mosaic, relief, jade mosaic, modern technology have laser engraving, mechanical engraving , indentation mark ...... and so on the way, or in the wooden surface carefully polished, paint, supported by advanced engraving, hot stamping, silk screen and other modern technologies, unique printed LOGO, the arts become more pure, more unique!