Knowledge of Wooden Product Care

Firstly, wooden products cannot directly expose solar energy to the environment, as exposure to moisture loss inside the wood can cause cracking in the woodworking process. 2、 The reason why wooden products cannot be ventilated for a long time is that following the same phenomenon may also cause cracking. Thirdly, wooden products should not be placed in too damp places, so not only does the woodworking deform, but it can also cause mold growth. The same wooden craftsmanship cannot be placed indoors in too dry conditions. There may be cracking due to excessive dryness, and it is also important to be careful not to place it directly in front of the air conditioning vent and not close to the heating tube. Fourthly, wooden products should not be prolonged in the fire, and when heated, the stove should be placed because the reason is the same as the above. Fifth, it is best not to use a towel to wipe wood products, as it is too wet to wipe the wood products. The correct approach is to use a dry cloth or feather dust collector to wipe the dust on woodworking products. 6、 If the glossiness of wooden products is not present, polishing wax can be applied to a special brush for polishing treatment. After treatment, it can be used for polishing cloth. If the house is not a polishing agent, you can also use a waxy or oily towel, or choose some oil to pour onto a cloth and wipe it to achieve the desired effect.